Testimonials for Stem Cell Therapy

Since my injections into my thumbs on 06/19/2021, I’m finally pain free. So happy I decided to go this route instead of surgery. Would like to thank the people at Rindal Clinic for providing this service. Stem cell injection is definitely the best solution to repair damaged cartilage.

T. H.***



E. H. Anacortes, Washington.***

Injection date: 05/13/2021.


When Xrays showed bone on bone in my right knee, I was told the only relief from pain would be a half knee replacement. Fortunately, Dr Rindal had another option, a onetime injection of stem cells into the knee, which we did. Took about two months before I started to feel improvement. An X-ray at almost five months showed a bit more space between the bones. The stem cells had increased the cartilage cushion just enough to ease the pain by at least 50%. The cushion is not nearly normal size yet but the stem cells should keep working. In the meantime, I can walk again, go up and down stairs without gripping the rail and stand without shifting all my weight to my left leg. What a relief!


Date:  03/22/2022

I have been a patient of Dr. Rindal’s for about 10 years. I have a lot of arthritis, specifically in my spine and knees. I found out late last year I had virtually no cartilage in my knees and my low back kept going out on me almost daily. I was afraid of my back braking and surgery terrified me. I talked with Linda and Dr Rindal and decided to have injections in my right knee and low back on 11/02/2021. One of the best decisions I ever made! By February I noticed my back hadn’t been going out on my as much and it felt stronger. No change in my knee.

Early March I braved a staircase and was able to go up and down 2 flights without knee pain.

About a week ago I realized it had been weeks since my back went our and feeling brave, I decided to try some yoga; down dog and childs pose to be specific. That caused my back to go out. But the high side is this continues to be it’s happening less and less. I’m able to sleep on my side without it going out. Something I haven’t done in years!

I highly recommend working with Linda and Dr. Rindal and having these injections…they work! And these two are some of the most kind and compassionate people I’ve met.

D. C. ***


It’s been just over 2 months since I received stem cell treatment for a rotator cuff injury from decades ago. I was scared but decided I’d rather try this less expensive and less invasive treatment before facing surgery. I was told it typically takes 2-6 months to reach full regenerative results and in some cases, they’ve recorded continued regenerative healing up to a year after treatment. I was absolutely shocked when at 6 weeks I had gained mobility in my shoulder that I had given up on so long ago. I was so excited that I kept very gingerly lifting my arm to the side in disbelief. I haven’t used those muscles in so long that I exhausted them quickly.

Now a couple weeks later and I can lift it much more quickly and without any pain.

I haven’t yet gained complete mobility in every direction, I’m still healing and I’m confident that this will continue to improve as the stem cells will continue to regenerate my injured tendons and ligaments. I’m so grateful and thank God for the opportunity I’ve had to receive this treatment. Many people have asked me about it and I’ve included a link below that describes the procedure in more detail. There are many options to choose from, so it’s best to get personalized recommendations. For all who are interested in more information or would like to schedule a free consultation, call Linda at 360-416-6308. She is a fountain of knowledge about stem cell treatment and can assist in answer question and helping start your journey to regenerative healing. Tell them I sent ya.  You’ll get an extra smile.

J. C. Mount Vernon WA ***


Every step turned my walk into a Walter Brennon, grandpa McCoy limp, wince and teeth grinding hobble. Dr. Rindal revealed that 71 years of mileage on my right hip joint had not produced a very harmonious outcome, “there was intense wear that showed on the x-ray.  The doctor suggested stem cell injection to repair and regenerate a well joint. Within 10 days,  I suddenly noticed the pain was not there to produce the noticeable hobble any longer. I was taking longer steps, climbing stairs again, carefully but navigating without help. Now that it is months later I don’t even consciously consider the next step and the anticipated pain.

As a teenager I was involved in a traffic accident that caused severe tissue damage to my right knee. Dr. Rindal pointed out that he treated that injury 48 years ago and that a process called PRP, (platelet-rich plasma) treatment would probably produce continued healing to reduce swelling and pain.

Within days the pain had eased,

now months later I don’t even think about my knee as all reminders of injury are gone.

D. F. Clearlake WA ***

***These testimonials have been attested to and notarized, with copies on file at Rindal Clinic.